State of Maryland CATS+ IDIQ

APV is a MDOT certified MBE and a prime contract holder of the State of Maryland CATS+ Contract. CATS+ contract issued by the Department of Information Technology (DoIT). CATS+ is a multiple award IDIQ used by State of Maryland to procure information technology (IT) consulting and technical services. CATS+ contract allows the State of Maryland to acquire IT professional expertise expediently.

CATS+ contract duration is for 15 years and the scope of the contract includes multiple IT functional areas. APV has been selected for the following functional areas:

FA # Functional Area
1 Enterprise Service Provider (ESP)
2 Web and Internet Systems
3 Electronic Document Management
4 Geographical Information Systems
5 Software Engineering
6 Systems/Facilities Management and Maintenance
7 Information System Security
8 Application Service Provider
10 IT Management Consulting Services
11 Business Process Consulting Services
16 Media and Training Center Support
17 Documentation/Technical Writing


Contract Details  
Contract Number 060B2490023
Period of Performance 4/22/2013 - 4/21/2028
APV Contract POC Nandita Gududuri