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Artificial Intelligence

APV can help its clients at the federal and state government levels to use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to enhance and improve the performance of a wide array of information systems and IT applications.

Artificial Intelligence

APV can assist its clients with business process analysis of their IT systems and applications, identifying data types for business cases as well as problems and opportunities in a modular, building-block approach. We can help determine requirements for AI software/programs, supported by machine learning tools, to promote opportunities and approaches that address those cases/problems. We can evaluate and recommend the best tools (Amazon Web Services, Deep Learning for Java, Apache Mahout, Open Neural Networks Library, etc.) to use in this effort. We also can establish metrics to better measure and monitor the dynamic nature of AI development and its impact on the organization.

Dashboards and Reporting

APV understands that dashboards serve only as tools to visualize performance data. For internal accountability, they need to be useful to the organization’s purposes. For external accountability, both dashboard performance measures and their underlying data need to be publicly accessible. APV has considerable experience helping government clients with development and refinement of dashboard and data reporting systems using tools such as Wrike, Reportei, Pro Workflow, and Google Data Studio. These tools promote transparency, collaboration, and accountability for our clients in their efforts to better understand and communicate a variety of complex information so they may respond more effectively to it.

Data Analytics and Datawarehouse solutions

There is a continuing need to modernize federal government IT systems, while legacy systems need to be transitioned. This need continues to grow under the pressure of big data, new and expanding types of data from unstructured social media, the development of new data storage techniques like the Hadoop Distributed File System, and in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through its expertise, APV can assess these often large and outdated systems for transition to a secure, targeted cloud-based solution that is achievable at a reasonable cost. APV can support IT system modernization by identifying opportunities to streamline data, increase accessibility for stakeholders and consumers, and develop more robust security to guard against increasing cyber threats.

Enterprise Content and Data Management

Complementing the need for modernization and better use of a wide variety of data types and information systems in government agencies is the growing need to manage content and data at the enterprise level. Content service platforms (CSPs) may be used as integrated platforms to provide content focused services, data repositories, and business processing tools and solutions to support digital business transformation. CSPs have web, desktop, and mobile application interfaces, allowing users to work with different content services. APV can help its government clients in the development and maintenance of CSPs which can support modernization initiatives in areas ranging from document management and business process applications to records management and staff productivity improvement.

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