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Training, Education, and Outreach

With 5,000+ hours of custom-designed traditional, eLearning, and immersive learning solutions for clients in the private and public sectors, APV is equipped to support you on your agency’s next training, education, and outreach project.

Our well-rounded, collaborative team comprises of certified experts and leaders in project management, organizational learning, training facilitation, simulations and game development, immersive technology, quality assurance, communication design, and digital media production who can ensure that your project will be successfully executed using the highest possible standards.

We provide a host of consulting and support services, as well as comprehensive learning solutions, to help our clients achieve their organizational goals by decreasing knowledge gaps and improving job performance.

Consulting and Support Services

We help our clients to optimize organizational training, education, and outreach by providing the following services:

  • Training needs analysis (to identify organizational knowledge and performance gaps)
  • Competency management consulting (to help identify mission-critical competencies)
  • Training program and course evaluation (to evaluate the effectiveness of training and learning solutions using evaluation strategies like Kirkpatrick Levels 1-4)
  • Change management consulting (i.e., design and management of employee/learning surveys, or learning strategies)
  • Training academy accreditation support
  • Knowledge management systems
  • Learning management systems
  • Communication design and marketing support services (to help expand the reach and effectiveness of training, education, and outreach efforts)
  • Training/event coordination and management
  • Training/event facilitation support

Instructional Systems Design and Development Services

APV’s instructional systems design and development services help our clients to maximize staff job performance and minimize knowledge gaps. Our team of learning professionals analyzes, designs, develops, implements, and evaluates the learning solutions that we produce using industry best practices and standards—whether it’s traditional classroom training, eLearning/computer-based trainings (synchronous and asynchronous), or an effective blend. We also partner with our clients to design and develop informal just-in-time learning, instructional videos, on-demand microlearning products, performance aids, and instructional support materials to meet the dynamic needs of today’s diverse workforce. Knowledge checks and assessment questions help to confirm whether course and learning objectives have been met.

Interactive Learning Solutions

APV is adept at building engaging, interactive solutions that deliver measurable results. The level of interactivity for every learning solution can be tailored to meet our clients’ budget and training needs. Solutions range from Level I interactive courses that can be rolled out to staff quickly, to Level IV immersive solutions that are highly interactive and designed to build mission-critical skills through practice.

Learning and Knowledge Management Systems Implementation

APV has decades of experience in implementing custom learning and knowledge management systems. We focus heavily on designing interfaces that enable learners and administrators to navigate easily through courses, grades, databases, and educational resources. Our skilled developers have years of expertise working with industry-leading platforms including but not limited to Blackboard, Genius Student Information System, Total Force, Moodle, Canvas, Rise, SharePoint, and Schoology.

Digital Media Production

Playing a critical role in enhancing the user experience through customized, high-quality eLearning assets, APV’s experienced multimedia designers and developers have expertise across multiple domains including photography, interactive media, animation, digital illustration, 3D modeling, 2D graphic design, and videography. We offer both on-site and in-studio videography services.

Immersive Learning (AR/VR)

APV taps into the power of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to enhance job performance by combining scenario-based learning with immersive technology. Computer-based simulations, games, and learning applications developed for clients range from single- and multi-player 3D foreign language adventures to immersive, 2D and 3D disaster preparedness simulations.

Why immersive learning? Immersion enables learners to build their skills in a safe environment before applying them in the real world, resulting in cost savings and enhanced safety for the organization. It also allows instructors to assess learners’ understanding of materials covered during instruction to correct any behavioral or procedural errors that could lead to negative outcomes – even fatalities.

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