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Digital Infrastructure and Cloud Services

Our Infrastructure Services Team—comprised of qualified and certified solutions architects—adds value to all solutions that APV provides to customers.

Cloud Migration Solutions

With 12 migrations completed successfully and securely, for large-scale applications from on premise data centers to cloud environments, APV brings a vast knowledge on best practices and migration approaches to all its projects. APV used AWS and Azure for securely configuring the VPCs and required resources to meet client requirements for the migration.

Cloud-Based System Management

APV managed cloud systems and implemented the audit process on all cloud resources to ensure optimal usage of those resources. APV reduced the costs for clients by auto-scaling resources based on the client’s requirements.

Virtualization and Infrastructure Design

APV has adoptedthe Plan, Do, Check, and Act (PDCA) methodology. For all our design and development activities, we use a methodical approach to ensure that the infrastructure design is secure, scalable, stable, and sustainable.

  • Secure – We ensure that resources in the infrastructure are properly secured at all levels.
  • Scalable – We ensure that resources can auto-scale based on the load and requirements.
  • Stable – We ensure that resources are highly available.
  • Sustainable – We ensure that resources are optimally managed so that cost efficiencies are achieved.

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