Generative AI with Business Analytics

Generative AI with Business Analytics

The Challenges Generative AI with Business Analytics

Our customer, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) faced a long-standing challenge of analyzing the training records, the ability to easily leverage learning data to analyze learner feedback, exam/test results, generate statistical and predictive analytics reports, and data visualization to aid better and more informed training decisions.

Our Solution

  • Collaborated with the customer to identify different data sources and various user scenarios to ensure that the needed data is collected, cleansed, massaged, and prepared for valuable insights. The cleansed data is then stored in Data Store for further processing.
  • Created insights and established various business rules to inform learners/users about different activities, including activating their own accounts to ensure that they are not losing out on valuable services.
  • Used Power BI (Business Intelligence) with its full-fledged capability to design and generate powerful reports working with business users using the Human-centered design approach.
  • Used Power Automate to implement intelligent workflows and ensure that data decisions are processed properly.
  • Provided thought leadership by implementing Generative AI and infusing the power of large language models into Power BI that helps businesses gain valuable insights from data. Generative AI enables users to create and customize reports quickly using conversational language to:
    • Help generate and edit Data Analysis Expression (DAX) calculations
    • Generate narrative summaries and insights from data
    • Tailor the tone, scope, and style of narratives and add them seamlessly within reports
    • Data insights from easy-to-understand text summaries

Benefits Delivered

Intelligent Analytics: Our solution helped the agency to generate statistical and predictive analytics reports that helped stakeholders get meaningful insights to make business decisions. Generative AI helps users to generate their own reports in seconds.

Data Accuracy: Our meticulous step-by-step process to collect and cleanse raw data helped in having concise data needed for analytics.

Consistency: After requirement gathering, data is processed and transformed based on rule sets. These rule sets are automatically re-used as new data is imported into the system.

Security: Reports and Dashboards are shared with people within or outside the organization. Row-Level Security (RLS) helped the agency to restrict data access for authorized users.

Embedding: The ability to slice, dice, and filter live data to create custom reports or views, tailored to preference. Such reports are embedded in blog posts, websites, emails, or social media to ensure that the same data is available where required.

Automation: Streamlined repetitive and manual business processes using Power Automate tool. It helped with avoiding time-consuming errors, automation, and quickly addressing tedious tasks.


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