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Health Solutions

While the landscape of healthcare in America is ever-changing, it has become even more critical during the COVID-19 Pandemic to support healthcare agencies that need to adjust their operations to meet the demands created by this public health crisis.. APV is proud to support the Health IT domain and several HHS divisions such as CMS, FDA, HRSA, CDC and NIH that are critical to fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic. APV supports an array of systems and solutions with health care subject matter expertise to provide research, guidance, education, technical assistance, training, release implementation support, and Operations and Maintenance of large-scale Health IT systems. APV senior staff bring multidisciplinary, world class expertise and rigor to the evaluation of health care programs and services.

EHR integration

APV achieves successful interoperability of rich data sources though our corporate SDLC policies and procedures aligned to our client’s EPLC framework. Health plans, health systems, vendor and patient information generated through EHRs, analytic systems, biometric monitoring, and other digital systems can be leveraged to improve patient diagnosis and treatment. Our focus on data interoperability supports our clients to maximize the impact of emerging technologies across their programs.

Health System Implementation and Support

APV is supporting several Health IT systems that consist of intranet sites, case managements systems, grants management systems, and Learning and Knowledge Management systems. No matter what system we are implementing, DevOps is a key element of APV’s solution development process. It is part of our Agile development framework and is customized to support each customer a unique EPLC framework. APV rapidly plans, develops, and deploys mobile solutions adapted to our customer’s needs. Our mobile application experts have supported and developed applications on various platforms for use on both mobile and tablet devices.

Healthcare Consulting and Modernization

As part of our mission, APV strives to design systems that are simple and easy to use by beneficiaries, clinicians, and providers or to modernize them. We work with our customers to clearly define program goals, identify success metrics, and build a system to make the workflow better and faster. Once the new system is operational, we provide support so the end-users of the system know how best to use the system. APV has extensive experience in creating high-performing, digitally transformative, and feature-packed native mobile applications and cloud computing for all major mobile platforms. Our solutions improve client engagements with easy-to-use low-code applications.

Policy and Program Support

Our support includes serving as SMEs in Innovative Payment models, providing Medicare Part C and D support, and updating handbooks and user guides with new policy changes. APV staff serve as technical writers for health care updates, maintaining and disseminating policy documentation and policy amendments. We test and operate Information Management Systems in development and provide technical support once those systems are implemented to production.

Technical Assistance, Training and Outreach

APV brings robust experience to our clients in enhancing the quality of their programs through training, onsite technical assistance, and program management to increase resource efficiency and regulatory compliance. We offer training solutions for an audience ranging from just a few attendees to a session that involves over 1,000 participants, using the latest technology to develop and provide cost-effective learning solutions through live and recorded webinars, webcasts, and interactive computer-based training sessions. We develop customized training for a variety of topics dependent on the client’s needs—focused mostly on effective leadership and business/program management practices.

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