What we Do

Systems Engineering and Application Modernization

Our specialists help our customers with enhancing applications’ functionality, moving and migrating applications to newer and efficient technology platforms, while minimizing disruption to the business.

Human Centered Design

Our iterative HCD services provide a full complement of customer experience, including user experience/interface design, customer experience modeling, and optimization. Our team utilizes tenets of HCD with methods such as interviews, focus groups, wireframe reviews, proof of concept, and shadowing users. We develop stakeholder groups, present wireframes, and develop engagement points with different personas, ensuring that our design and development meet the needs of various end-users.

Agile Development

Our highly qualified, co-located scrum teams use dynamic resource allocation to right-size teams based on user stories. They work in tandem to maintain product backlogs, conduct frequent sprints, effectively integrate and test functionality, and rapidly deliver solutions that satisfy our customers’ needs. Our transparent, engagement-driven management approach ensures seamless contract transition activities and Lean-Agile processes that offer continuous improvements and transparency into program activities. Using Agile principles, CI/CD, and DevSecOps culture, our Development Team establishes the cross-functional collaboration between the Development, Quality Assurance, and Operations Teams through all phases of the development lifecycle and delivers reliable applications and services.

Testing and IV&V

With more than 20 years of experience, our quality professionals bring diverse skills across QA, automation, continuous testing, DevOps, and Agile to many Government clients. Our test processes based on IEEE standards are integrated with all of APV’s CMMI ML3 and ISO-9001–certified service delivery and quality control processes. Some of our services include functional, application/integration, Section 508 compliance testing, regression, performance and load, end-to-end integration, implementation, and compatibility testing.

Custom Application Development

With more than 13 years of experience and over 12 enterprise projects as prime contractor, APV consistently delivers custom application development solutions for federal, state, and local government needs with exceptional results. Our management commitment—along with our effective and efficient team of PMP-certified project managers, SMEs, solution architects, data architects, developers, and quality assurance testers—maintain an unyielding commitment to quality, service, and integrity on every project. APV continues to work on multiple operations and maintenance(O&M) projects for large-scale custom enterprise applications. APV implemented custom solutions for performing Development, Modernization and Enhancements (DME) activities on various projects.

Identity and Access Management Solutions

Our Enterprise Applications Team has integrated many of the federal web applications with department specific SSO systems like HHS AMS for identity and access management of application users. We have also used several opensource and COTS products to provide customized solution to our clients.

Mobile Application Development

Our Mobility Team provides programming expertise to develop and enhance mobile/tablet-based applications. We support all mobile operating systems with HTML5. Using next-generation technologies, our services transform the user experience including applications that are immersive, speech-to-text, self-learning, and AI-driven.

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