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Emerging Technologies

APV has a history of bringing emerging technologies to clients and now looking forward we are prototyping and demoing solutions including RPA and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML).

Robotic Processing

Our team has implemented RPA, bots, and automation tools for a multitude of workflows in various domains (HR, Finance AR/AP, supply chain, etc.) for several industries (automotive, health care, banking, and commercial) leveraging industry platforms like Appian, UiPath, and others.

Low Code Workflow Automation

Our team brings deep experience in developing software using low-code development platforms and workflow automation solutions, resulting in rapid application development, a greater level of functionality, and reduced time-to-speed.

Augmented Reality Virtual Reality

APV brings immersive educational experience in AR and VR, enabling learners/students to engage with learning in new ways and providing new flexibility to on-the-job training, thus reducing the time spent on referring to manuals and looking up information online. Our team designs and develops interactive multimedia instruction (Levels 1–3), animated 2-D and 3-D models, and simulations using different gaming engines for various federal agencies including the U.S. Army and U.S. Department of Education.

Blockchain Solutions

Our team brings deep experience in developing software using blockchain tools and technologies, resulting in secure and reliable databases for our customers, and to provide new ways of storing the transactional data.

Stories from our blog

DevSecOps: AWS (Amazon Web Service) Code Pipeline

Code Pipeline Understanding

Amazon Web Service (AWS) GovCloud supports code pipeline which allows continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) for code deployed in development, QA, stage, and production environments. These pipelines allow for integrating security aspects, static code review, and unit test artifacts to ensure the deployed builds follow the highest desired security and quality. 

These code pipelines can be used to deploy APIs, front-end code, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Bots, AI/ML models, and any others you may want to deploy on either server or serverless technology. 

Intelligent Case Management


Government agencies work with the public and consumers to address grievances, claims, and various activities. Every issue raised on the respective forum must be addressed effectively to ensure a world-class customer experience. 

Every limited staff agency has the challenge to address any concern coming from the public. It is very prudent to manage the workload using suitable automation techniques to achieve effective and efficient services. 


User-Centered Design Approach

APV’s User-Centered Design Approach 

A user-centered design approach helps concentrate on actual users and helps build entire development lifecycle around their problems. The process facilitates creating products and services that resonate with the audience’s needs and improves usage and impact in service offerings. 

In every step of the process life cycle, it is important to prioritize user pain points, challenges, and choices. This helps in creating innovative products that are likely to improve user experience, usability, and productivity. When actual users have been empowered in the process, they develop a sense of ownership due to their close involvement. 


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