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APV has been awarded a multiyear contract to support to the US Coast Guard. This is APV’s first award supporting the Coast Guard.

Posted: 06/21/2022

A P Ventures, LLC (APV) has been awarded a multiyear task order to provide configuration data management, provisioning, logistical, and data analysis support to the US Coast Guard (USCG). The task order assists the USCG Surface Forces Logistic Center (SFLC) in maintaining the readiness of their Long-Range Enforcer product line of cutters.

APV is excited to add the USCG to its growing list of clients, and more importantly, to have a role in supporting the men and women who play a crucial role in safeguarding our homeland. APV has a strong track record assisting agencies through human capital support, helping them address their missions with highly qualified subject matter expertise.

With consistent delivery of high-quality, customized services for federal, state, and local government needs, the APV team continues to fulfill its motto, “We obsess, we excel, and we deliver.”

Michael (Mike) Hoffpauir
Director, Business Development
A P Ventures, LLC



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