A P Ventures creates project-based online Environment Science course

Posted on: Mon, 07/20/2015 - 15:27 By: Anonymous (not verified)

July 20, 2015 – Columbia, MD – A P Ventures has completed a project-based online Environmental Science course as part of the Maryland State Department of Education’s online high school course offerings.

Maryland’s public schools are consistently ranked at the top of the nation, coming in at #1 in Education Week’s annual Quality Counts report for 5 years in a row, and at #3 in the most recent report. As part of its ongoing efforts to increase STEM proficiency among students, the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) commissioned several new online courses related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) to offer public high school students in the state through its Maryland Virtual Learning Opportunities (MVLO) program. Among these courses is a custom, two-semester Environmental Science course, developed by Maryland IT firm A P Ventures (APV).

APV designed the new 120-hour Environmental Science course as a project-based learning experience: for each concept presented, students engage in a research-style activity to problem solve real-world issues such as energy efficiency. The course is aligned to multiple standards, including the Maryland College and Career-Ready Standards, STEM Standards of Practice, and the Next Generation Science Standards. The course was piloted in the fall of 2014, and a full statewide release is slated for this fall.

Monday, July 20, 2015