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e-Learning and Training

APV’s Instructional Programs Team serves a wide variety of State and federal agencies in the Education, health, IT, and defense fields. For over 13 years, APV team has implemented host of Learning Management Systems, Knowledge Portals, created content in many topics, developed highly engaging e-Learning courses. Our well-rounded team includes certified experts in project management, instructional design, and multimedia development. Working collaboratively with our clients, our team pushes the envelope to build highly engaging, relevant training that meets the unique needs of today’s learners.

We optimize organization performance through targeted, customized training and support. Our training services include needs analysis and program evaluation, blended learning, virtual and augmented reality simulations, web-based training, micro learning, LMS implementation, and video instruction.

Consulting and Needs Analysis

APV provides training consultation and needs analysis to identify organizational training gaps and performance needs. Through the analyses, we help clients build a stronger foundation for training programs, focusing on a measurable plan that addresses most critical training needs. Consulting services include creation of evaluation plans such as Kirkpatrick Levels 1–4.

Instructional Design Services

Our comprehensive instructional design services enable federal agencies to modernize and strengthen their training offerings. Focusing on mission-critical objectives, our team designs, builds, and implements training solutions to maximize staff job performance and minimize knowledge gaps.

Interactive Learning Solutions

APV is adept at building engaging, interactive learning solutions to support our clients. Depending on your budget and training needs, we can build content with the degree of interactivity necessary to deliver measurable results. Solutions range from Level I interactive courses that can be rolled out to staff quickly to highly immersive simulations that build critical skills necessary for job proficiency.

Learning and Knowledge Management Systems

APV has decades of experience creating custom learning and knowledge management systems. Our focus is on designing user-friendly interfaces that enable learners and administrators to navigate easily through courses and resources. Our developers have expertise in multiple learning and knowledge management systems, including—but not limited to—Blackboard, Total Force, Moodle, Canvas, Rise, and Schoology.

Multimedia and Video Production

APV’s Multimedia Team has expertise across multiple domains including videography, photography, video production, custom illustration, 3-D modeling, and 2-D digital graphics. Our experienced multimedia developers enhance the user interface and experience through high-quality graphics and video assets. We offer both onsite and in-studio videography so clients can maximize their return on investment and expand their outreach to staff with a library of on-demand video tutorials, lectures, and demonstrations.

Simulation, Gaming and Apps Development

APV taps into the power of virtual and augmented reality to deliver effective, relevant training to clients. Our innovative simulation, games, and apps range from immersive, 3-D foreign language adventures to mission-critical air traffic controller simulations. Immersion enables learners to build their skills in a safe environment before applying them in the real world, bringing cost savings and enhanced safety for the organization.

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