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The eLearning revolution has pushed the boundaries of the traditional classroom and training environments. Organizations that do not tap into the full potential of eLearning miss vital opportunities to engage their workforce or students in 21st learning.

APV has extensive experience developing eLearning content for K-12 students and adult learners on a variety of platforms. Our courses incorporate rich, multimedia learning activities and assignments to ensure that learners remember the material and use it later to effectively enhance their performance.

Find out how APV can customize an eLearning solution to enhance learning in your organization.

Knowledge Management and Web Collaboration

Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly savvy and demanding about their web experiences. Responsive design that makes websites accessible from different devices or platforms is crucial for creating a positive user experience. The better the user experience, the more your customers will be drawn to your website, products, or services.

Whether you have a simple website or complex portal in mind, APV delivers fresh, inviting designs to create satisfying user experiences.

Find out how APV ‘s team of experienced developers can make your web presence stand out from the rest.

Human Capital Management

APV’s diverse group of seasoned professionals provide Human Capital Management, Organizational Effectiveness, Learning, and Technology Solutions.

We work with public sector agencies transforming the way organizations design, acquire, manage, and deliver human capital services. Through an unyielding commitment to quality, service and integrity, we enable our clients to turn key business strategies into operational realities.

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Program and Project Management

APV has committed to being a leader in the use of Agile methodologies to deliver software systems and related products to customers. We have a team of Scrum Masters and Scrum Product Owners leading Agile development projects.

APV’s web development team has experience in all stages of the SDLC and proficiency in waterfall, Agile, and hybrid methodologies. We primarily adapt methodologies to respond quickly to project complexities and changes, and rely heavily on Agile processes and tools.

Find out how APV’s agile team can help your organization run like a well-oiled machine.

Strategic Staffing and Management Consulting

Hiring the right staff is essential for building a cohesive, productive team. Searching for and training new personnel can be time consuming and costly, further draining your valuable time and resources.

APV offers the best possible solutions for your hiring needs. Our highly-skilled team draws upon a wide base of potential applicants to find qualified personnel for your strategic staffing needs. We deliver high quality strategic staffing, IT consulting, and technical and management solutions.

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Systems Integration & Development

Is your organization getting the best return on investment on IT spending? It is easy to get swept up into buying the latest applications and programs that look promising. If a fancy software program has all the bells and whistles, but does not address the specific needs of the end user, it will not be successful.

APV recognizes the importance of listening to our clients and understanding their unique needs and company culture. We take a solution-based approach in our custom software development. This results in an end product that promotes productivity and efficiency.

Find out how APV’s custom software solutions can help your organization run like a well-oiled machine.

Enterprise Solutions

If complex processes or IT programs weigh down your organization, rather than provide efficiency, it’s time to consider Enterprise Solutions that will work more effectively for you.

APV delivers a full range of services from program management to developing the business process model and software solution design through application setup, technical and DBA tasks, testing, training, roll-out, and post-production support.

Our consultants have proven knowledge in technical and related functional areas as they define and analyze business processes and requirements, configure the solutions specifically to the customers’ needs, and maximize the return on their investment.

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